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Portable Array System AV Set Including Speaker Cables


The patented CURV 500® AV Set is the perfect fit anywhere music is played: in bars, clubs, studios and even at home as a home entertainment system. Featuring a power of 380 watts RMS and a maximum sound pressure level of 122 dB, the CURV 500® AV Set can remain discreetly in the background, but also provide an impressive rocking performance.

The 10" bass-reflex subwoofer with Class D power amplifier represents the core of the CURV 500® AV Set and includes a limiter, protection against short circuit, overheating, over-voltage, as well as a 4-channel mixer with 16 digital effect presets and Bluetooth®. Combo and Speakon-compatible sockets offer extensive connectivity options. Furthermore, the subwoofer features four digital system presets, an M20 threaded flange and three ergonomic carrying handles.

The two satellites are operated via SmartLink® adapters. The elements, only 12 x 12 cm in size, are equipped with LD System's own WaveAhead® technology; one 4" and three 1" drivers provide a coherent and extremely detailed playback with high pressure and dynamics.

With optional wall and ceiling mounting systems, the satellites can be installed anywhere, where good sound and subtle appearance are required. For even more power, a total of eight array satellites can be operated in stereo mode (max. four on each side).

The CURV 500® AV Set includes a subwoofer with a mixer unit, two satellites, two SmartLink® adapters, and two speaker cables.

  • The first truly portable array system
  • Fully scalable for far and near field applications
  • WaveAhead® technology for high definition audio
  • SmartLink® plug & play adapter for universal mounting options
  • Built-in 4 channel mixer with DFX and Bluetooth® technology
  • Durable lightweight aluminium unibody array elements
  • For mobile and fixed applications
  • Product typePA Complete Systems
    System output (RMS):380 W
    Number of array satellites2
    Number of Smartlink adapters2
    Number of subwoofers1
    Max. SPL (continuous)116 dB
    Max. SPL (peak)122 dB
    Frequency response47 - 20000 Hz
    Dispersion (H x V)110° horizontal, vertical (each satellite) 10 °
    RMSSubwoofer: 300 W , Array Satellites: 2 x 160 W
    Peak powerSubwoofer: 1200 W , Array Satellites: 2 x 640 W
    AmplifierClass D
    Protection circuitsDSP-based multiband limiter, overload, short circuit, thermal overload
    Weight22,8 kg
    Accessories (included)2 x Speaker cable with terminal block CURV 500 CABLE 2 (3 m), Power cord


    Low/mid driver dimensions10 "
    Woofer size254 mm
    Cabinet constructionBass Reflex
    Cabinet materialplywood
    Cabinet surfacePA painting
    Dimensions Subwoofer (W x H x D)325 x 383 x 491 mm
    Subwoofer weight16.5 kg
    Subwoofer features16 DFX Presets, 3 ergonomic handels, 4 channel mixer, 4 System DSP Presets, Bluetooth, Threaded flange M20

    Array Satellites

    Mid/Hi systemMF: 1 x 4" / HF: 3 x 1" with WaveAhead® Technology / 16 ohms
    Array Satellite Featuresinternal crossover, metal grille, WaveAhead® Technology
    Array Satellite MaterialDie-cast aluminum
    Array Satellite Surface:Powder coated
    Array Satellite Dimensions (W x H x D)122 x 122 x 122 mm
    Array Satellite Weight1.7 kg

    Smartlink® Adapter

    Smartlink Adapter Features2 x 16 mm pole mount socket, 2x M6 thread for optional wall mount
    Smartlink Adapter Connectors1 x Speakon-compatible, 1x Phoenix
    Smartlink Adapter MaterialDie-cast aluminum
    Smartlink Adapter SurfacePowder coated
    Smartlink Adapter Dimensions (W x H x D)122 x 57 x 122 mm
    Smartlink Adapter Weight0.6 kg
    Výroba :CN




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