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Ketron AUDYA - zvukový modul

Ketron AUDYA
Ketron AUDYA
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Audya is the worlds most advanced arranger instrument. It utilises modern streaming technology meaning you have at your disposal Real Audio Loops for styles, Not only are the Drummer and Percussion parts live, but also Guitar parts. These are professional studio recordings using specialist musicians that are completely at your control, many styles have 8 bars of live audio per arranger part (32 bars plus fills, breaks intro's etc). This is no gimmick and there simply is no comparison between the raw, live sound of the Audya to its competition who still use old fashioned MIDI styles. Couple this with Ketrons Best natural Sounding Instruments and the result is astounding!! Your Audience will notice the amazing true to life sound and presence of Audya immediately.


Ideal for use with Midi Accordion, Guitar or Organ
Incredible quality sound with 360MB Sound Rom
Real Audio Styles for 'human' accompaniment
Voice Character Emulation, for completely natural tonal effects
Upgraded Sample RAM
Built in Style Modeling for easy creation of custom styles.
Multimedia compatible (MP3, WAV, MIDI backing tracks etc)




Module: Professional Arranger and Midi Sound Module. 8 dynamic curves, Aftertouch, Portamento, Operating system updateable via USB port, 17 Slider Volume controls ( 1 Assignable ),10 Assignable tabs.
Display: 320 x 240 Colour Graphic Display TFT.
Hard Disk: 80G ATA IDE 2.5
USB: 2 USB Host + 1 USB device.
Mass storage devices supported: USB sticks, USB floppy disks, Mp3 players, CD/DVD Rom, HD.
Sound Generation: 360 MB PCM Wavetable (32Mb overwritable). 430 New Preset Sounds with Stereo & Multilayer Voices. 512 GM2 Sounds. 32 parts Multitimbral. Voice Character Emulation (VCE). Left Voices, 2nd Voice.
Total Polyphony: 197 notes.
Voice List: Ip to 300 custom sound locations +20 User Voice List (UVL) linkable with Style, midi file, MP3 and Wave.
Organ Drawbars: 9 Digital Drawbars slider controlled. New Rotor, Percussion and Overdrive effect.
Programs: 320 Programs. 3 Voices, 3 splits. Sustain, Portamento, Velocity switch, Duet, Trio, Morphing, Coupling, Steel, Slide, Harmony. Single & Global Program loading. Editing capabilities: A,D,S,R, Cut Off, Resonance, Effects and keyboard assignments. Voice to left.
2nd Voice 1-2: Preset & programmable Second Voices.
Ram / Ins: 64 MB Ram Sound (expandable up to 256mb). Ins Orchestral Voices, Supersolo
Sampler: 44,1 KHz Multi Sampler Editor (MSP).
Assignable Switch Tabs 1-16 Factory/ User programmable Features, 5 modes.
Professional Multiplayer: 2 x Wav, 2 x Mp3, 2 x Midi file Player. Hi-quality real time stretching and transposition. Play List, Autoplay. Dj Loops, SFX, Demos, Play List, Autoplay, Key Tunes, HD Recording 2 tracks, Pfl, MP3 Encoder, Audio Ripper, Macro Recording.
Midifile Player: SMF player Mid/KAR and TXT file, Juke box. Intelligent Transposer. Song Chain. Audio Drum & Live Guitar, Remix, Midi Song Record, Wave Sync, Medley, Midimix.
Registrations: Global performance controls and panel settings. Single & Block modes.
Drum 1: 51 Drum sets, 3 Super Kits, 24 User Drum Sets. 10 Percussion sections. Drum Mixer. Manual Drums.
Drum 2: 62 Live Drum and Latin Percussion Loops.
Real Audio Arranger: 570 Styles, User Audio Drums, over 370 Real Audio Drum Sequences, Acoustic and Electric Live Guitar, User Live Guitar, Arranger ABCD, 3 Intro/Ending, 4 fills, 4 breaks, Bassist and Pianist, Audio Style modeling.
Bank Libraries Drum, Groove, Bass, Piano, Guitar 1/2, Arp&Lick, Live Guitar
Pattern Recording & Editing: Quantize, Loop, Recording, Editing Style
Module Control Octave/Double, Harmony, transposer, Arabic Scale.
Accordion Mode: International, Belgian Systems
DSP: 3 new Multieffect DSP’s with Reverberation, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Echo Tap Delay 4 / 8, Wha Wha, Distortion, Overdrive, Rotor Slow/Fast, Phaser, Tremolo. Equalizer 4 Bands.
Micro 1 / Micro 2: 2 Microphone Inputs with separate Gain control, 10 bands Equalizer, Echo, Reverb, Pan/Pot, Pitch Shift, Talk, Voice Transform.
Voicetron: 5 Voice Harmonizer. Vocoder, Auto-Harmony, Midi Vocalizer track, Advanced Voice editing,
Midi: In 1, In2 , Out, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM2 standard.
Outputs: Left/Mono, Right. 4 individual assignable Outputs (2 stereo or 4 Mono). Stereo headphone.
Inputs: 2 x XLR Microphone. 2 x Line in : Right & Left. Sustain and Volume Pedal. Footswitch (6 or 13 switches).
Video Interface: System: PAL, NTSC, Super VHS. Size and position controls. 640x480
Accesories: User Manual, Power Cable
Optional Accesories: Hard Case, Sustain Pedal Piano type, Volume Pedal, FS6 / FS 13 Footswitch. Midi Pedalboard, RAM Kit up to 256mb.
Dimensions: L x W x H = ( 52 x 32 x 11 cms. )
Weight: 7kg
Power: Automatic Voltage detection (110V/60Hz – 240V/50Hz) - Plug and play.

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Něco o výrobci:
Italský výrobce kláves , pián a zvukových modulů již od od roku 1981

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